Big Idea


Exercise Your Brain – contact for consutling

One of the benefits I’ve found to writing free content is in exercising my brain.  I get a chance to generate a short article about something I know without the added pressure of acceptance and deadlines.  This is where you get to write for the fun of it and be able to produce industry contacts and resume fodder.

Resume Fodder

Yes, resume fodder.  If some popular site picks up your article, you can use it on your resume. Make sure that you write something that pertains to your areas of expertise.  If you post something like “101 Fun Things You Can Do With Toilet Paper” and it’s picked up by an unknown MLM site, I’d think twice about adding it to your resume.

Many major sites are monitored and rated by some of the larger corporations and industry experts.  If you article catches their eye, you could end up with a client that you would have otherwise never had the chance to work for.  The wider the audience, the more additional work you can acquire!